Mentally healthy work

Mentally healthy work


Our efforts so far

The Government Health and Safety Lead has been building on the sector's understanding of psychosocial risks and how to manage them at a system level.

From 2019 through to 2021, we have focussed significantly on alignment to common frameworks and terminology to understand and talk about mentally healthy work.

Building off this, we have focussed on education on key components of effective systems, as well as characteristics of the components within those systems (such as controls/interventions, and assurance mechanisms).


Coming up

We will be finishing off the year with a Mental Health and COVID-19 webinar on December 17th with key speakers, Dr David Tappin from the Healthy Work Group at Massey University, and Chris Jones from the Department of Corrections.

In 2022, we will begin our Mentally Healthy Work Community of Practice meetings, which will bring together leaders and practitioners responsible for leading mental health within their agency to share ideas, case studies, and knowledge from external subject matter experts.

We will look to build the ongoing work programme off the needs identified from the Community of Practice.