Summer Internship - FAQ's

Summer Internship - FAQ's

Updated July 2021


1. I don’t have any Health and Safety experience. Can I still apply? 

We don’t expect our interns to have any prior health and safety knowledge or experience but relevant undergraduate study and an interest in this field is a must.  

2. I haven’t studied Health and Safety. Can I still apply for intern role? 

To ensure that all our interns get the best programme experience we do expect all our interns to be in their second year moving into your third year, fourth or final year. 

All students must be based in New Zealand studying for an under graduate degree/diploma in health and safety, health, psychology or human resources and who has completed one more papers in health, occupational health and safety, or a related area of study (or ability to pick up related papers from 2022). 

We ask candidates to provide an academic transcript with your previous 12 month grade average – something you can only do from your second year onwards.

3. What is involved in the recruitment process? 

There are three stages involved in the recruitment process: 

  • Online application and video interview; 
  • Attend an interview;
  • Reference and vetting check process; and
  • Appointment process 

4. How long is the internship programme? 

The programme runs for three months from mid November to mid February every year.   

5. How much do I get paid for this internship? 

All our interns are paid the minimum living wage which is currently set at $22.75 per hour. (Based on 1 Sept 2021 Living Working Wage).

6. Who is my employer - the Government Health & Safety Lead (GHSL) or government agency? 

All our interns are employed by their selected agency directly on a fixed term individual employment contract.  The GHSL is here to facilitate and support our interns and agencies throughout the programme.  

7. What are my days and hours of work?  

Interns are generally contracted to work full time hours of 7.5 to 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday inclusive. This will be stipulated in your individual employment contract with your agency. 

8. Can you outline what is involved in the summer internship programme? 

During the three month programme you will get to experience what it is like to work in a government agency, participate in workshops, field trips and professional networking events. To will showcase the diverse environments and range of health and safety risks public servants and agencies operate in.  

9. What type of work can I expect to undertake whilst on the programme? 

Typically, an intern would expect to have one project or significant piece of work to be delivered within the three-month period, with additional tasks assigned by their agency. 

 10. Are the intern placements only available in Wellington?

No, some interns can be based in Auckland, as it's dependent on the agency and where they want to offer intern placements. However, the majority of placements are based in Wellington.

11. Can I apply for the Summer Intern programme even though I am a first year or high-school student?

Unfortunately, we need you to be in at least your second year of tertiary education to apply for the GHSL Summer Intern programme. We ask candidates to provide an academic transcript with your previous 12-month grade average – something you can only do from your second year onwards.

12. When can I expect to hear after submitting my application?

We will not review any applications until after the closing date. You will be contacted within three weeks of the closing date to confirm whether or not you have been successful in progressing onto the next stage of recruitment.